Archive: March 7, 2012

Energy Drinks and the Health of Your Teeth

Energy Drinks and the Health of Your Teeth Energy drinks started in the United States with the introduction of Jolt Cola in 1985. This opened the door for a broad range of other beverage companies, both large and small, to enter their own energy products into the market. The result produced a flood of brightly colored cans and bottled drinks full of caffeine and other stimulant products on grocery store shelves across the nation. Americans now spend billions of dollars a year purchasing energy drinks, but at what cost? While research continues on the many overall health effects of energy drinks on the body, the main concern to a dentist, such as those at Roseville Sunrise Family Dentistry in Roseville, CA, is the effects of energy drinks on the health of your teeth. When a dentist looks at an energy drink container, typical concerns revolve around the sugar content and acidity of the beverages. While there are sugar-free varieties of energy drinks, some brands can carry as much as 66 grams of sugar per container.

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Advantages of Fluoride

Advantages of Fluoride When you visit your dentist in Roseville, he will tell you to brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride and to make sure that you drink the fluoridated water provided by the city. This is because your dentist in Roseville knows that fluoride is essential for the health of your teeth. If you don't get enough fluoride, you will need to see your dentist more often because you will get more cavities as well as suffer from other dental problems. Fluoride is a natural element that is found in some foods and many city water supplies. Plaque bacteria and sugars demineralize your tooth enamel. Demineralizaion is the process in which minerals are eroded from the enamel of the teeth. Fluoride is an essential component for remineralization, which in the process in which the enamel of the teeth is built back up. If the tooth enamel is broken down more than it is rebuilt by fluoride, tooth decay can occur.

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