Maintaining White Teeth

Maintaining White Teeth Do you know what surveys reveal is the number one physical trait people notice first about one another? Their smile! Sunrise Family Dentistry in Roseville can make sure that your smile is appealing and inviting. Good dental hygiene doesn't always mean that you may not need some help in maintaining sparkling white teeth. Even with regular brushing, teeth can yellow over time. You may have discolored teeth due to medications or an overexposure to fluoride. Teeth whitening is the most effective and inexpensive way to a beautiful smile. Teeth whitening has come a long way, so it's important to know that your dentist has available the latest techniques and products for your dental cosmetic augmentation. Sunrise Family Dentistry offers in-office whitening treatment or the option of a teeth whitening kit that you can use at home under your dentist's supervision.

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