Archive: October 31, 2012

Tooth Cavities and Fillings in Roseville

Cavities and Fillings at a Roseville Dentist What is a filling? When a dentist takes a piece of decay out of a patient’s mouth, the patient may receive a filling in its place. The filling material helps to rebuild the tooth’s shape and protect the inner portion of the tooth from sensitivity and further decay. Common materials used in a filling include white resin and porcelain. Silver used to be incredibly common but many offices opt for colors that blend in with the teeth. Who needs a filling? A dentist will look at tooth decay using one or several methods. A dental hygienist is typically the first to look at the teeth for discoloring or obvious decay shown on x-rays. The dentist will take a look next and use a metal tool to check for stickiness. Some dentists use dye that sticks to decay to ensure that the discolored spot is a cavity. There are even wands and lasers dentists can use to examine decay accurately.

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Tooth Bridges at Sunrise Family Dentistry in Roseville

Tooth Bridge Roseville A tooth bridge is a fixed prosthetic device that replaces a missing tooth. Bridges are either removable or permanently joined to the other teeth or dental implants. Unlike dentures which can be removed and cleaned, permanent tooth bridges can only be removed by dentists. The procedure needs a lot of care and is best done by an experienced dentist. The Sunrise Family Dentistry in Roseville California offers one of the best dental services on tooth bridges. Everyone who has encountered a chipping tooth needs a tooth bridge. Especially in the dating world, people tend to shy away from dating because of such simple problems that Sunrise Family Dentistry can easily sort out. These dentists understand the importance of beauty. They are capable of restoring the shapes of the faces of the affected persons as well as giving them the ability to smile again. Dental bridges restore one’s ability to chew, bite and speak, and prevent the remaining teeth from falling out of place.

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An Overview on Common Teeth Whitening Services

Common Teeth Whitening Services These days, having a straight and pearly white smile is extremely attractive in our society. However, most people are not born with the perfect smile and need to have dental work done over the course of their lives in order to keep their teeth looking healthy. However, for those who are generally unhappy with the appearance of their smile, this can be truly crushing to one's confidence and self esteem. One of the most common cosmetic issues that people have with their teeth is discoloration or yellowing. Luckily, there have been many advancements in cosmetic dentistry these days, and professional teeth whitening services are available at Sunrise Family Dentistry in Roseville for this exact reason. What Causes Tooth Discoloration? There are various causes of tooth yellowing or general discoloration, all of which can keep someone from having the pearly white smile that they desire. One of the most common causes of yellowing of the teeth is poor dental hygiene. Not brushing at least twice a day for two minutes at a time leads to the build up of plaque. Over time, this plaque leads to discoloration and staining of the teeth, which can be permanent. Other common sources of teeth yellowing include cigarette smoking and drinking excess amounts of coffee.

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