Tooth Extractions – Roseville, CA

Tooth Extractions - Roseville, CA A tooth extraction is one of the most distressing dental procedures. A tooth extraction is taking the tooth out of its socket. A dentist will pull the tooth out of the bone. If you need a tooth extracted from your mouth, you need to contact Sunrise Family Dentistry to help. If tooth decay causes your tooth to become cracked or damaged, the tooth might need to be removed. A dentist in Roseville will probably try to repair it with a filling or crown; however, in some cases, the tooth is beyond repair, so it needs to be extracted. In addition, you might require tooth extraction if you have too many teeth in one area, and your mouth is too crowded. The permanent teeth come in before your baby teeth fall out, so the baby teeth need to be removed or other problems can occur. If you need braces, some teeth might need to be eliminated to make room for the teeth to become straight. In some instances, individuals who are receiving cancer drugs could develop teeth problems. Radiation or chemotherapy could cause infection in a tooth because the drugs make the immune system weaker. If your teeth become infected, they need to be removed.

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