Archive: January 26, 2013

Causes And Treatments Of Bad Breath – Roseville, CA

Causes And Treatments Of Bad Breath - Sacramento, CA Bad breath, or halitosis, has been an embarrassing issue for many people throughout human history, and may be caused by either poor dental hygiene or some other health problem. Effectively managing bad breath will depend on pinpointing its source, and your Roseville dentist can determine what's wrong and establish an appropriate treatment plan. Up to 90% of all bad breath cases are thought to originate in the mouth. Common sources include food particles trapped between your teeth and on your tongue's surface, a buildup of bacterial plaques on your teeth, and advanced gum disease, which left untreated frequently leads to tooth decay and jawbone damage.

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Link between Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Diseases – Citrus Heights, CA

Link between Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Diseases Sacramento Having a healthy mouth is more important than ever with recent research revealing a link between the mouth and a person's general health, particularly the respiratory system. Scientists say that untreated periodontal disease has more serious consequences than mere bad breath or gum disease. Researchers have linked periodontal disease to an increase in respiratory diseases. That makes it even more important to seek dental care to ensure you have a healthy mouth.

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Different Types of Crowns – Roseville, CA

Different Types of Crowns - Roseville, CA When your teeth get damaged, one of the most common ways to fix things up is by getting a dental crown. What is a crown? It is a type of tooth repair method that involves covering a damaged tooth with one or more materials to preserve its shape and structure. Crowns are made after getting a mold of the tooth in question, and they are most typically used for serious cavities. The most common types of crowns include all-metal, all-ceramic, and a combination of metal and ceramic. If you are confused about what type of crown to get, here are some pros and cons of each.

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