What is causing my bad breath?

Bad-Breath-roseville-dentist It is very unlikely that someone is going to tell you to your face that you have bad breath. However, you can usually tell by looking at a person’s reaction when they are speaking close to you if your breath is offensive or not. What causes bad breath? What are the symptoms associated with bad breath? How can bad breath be treated? What causes bad breath? Bad breath, or halitosis, is caused by a variety of things. One reason is the food that we eat. When we eat foods that have a strong odor, this odor could linger in our mouth for some time after we have finished eating. Food that gets stuck between our teeth may promote the growth of bacteria, which in turn leads to order. Certain diets that accelerate body fat burn can cause our breath to have a foul-smelling, sweet odor. Another major factor for bad breath is using tobacco products. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco leave chemical residues in the mouth that promote bad breath. Also, prolonged use of tobacco products can lead to things like gum disease and oral cancers, both of which can affect the odors that emanate from our mouths.

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