Dental pulp diseases: The basics

dental-pulp-disease-roseville-ca Not paying proper attention to proper oral hygiene leads to cavities, and if those cavities go untreated, the middle of your tooth known as the pulp can become infected. Pulp disease is painful and dangerous, and it requires treatment. It can easily turn into an oral infection. A sign of pulp disease is pain when eating sweet, hot or cold foods and drinks. Pulp disease can be reversible or irreversible. Reversible pulp disease Inflamed tooth pulp can become infected and become abscessed. These infections are usually treated with antibiotics and fillings. A cracked or broken tooth can also result infections or abscesses. Irreversible pulp disease This is very painful pulp inflammation, and there's no cure for it. It's dangerous because if the condition goes untreated, it can spread to the gums and other tissues. It's ordinarily treated with a root canal because the tooth's root becomes infected. The pulp of the tooth is removed and replaced. If the root canal can't be performed, the tooth itself has to be removed. 

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