Loose teeth, bleeding gums and other symptoms of dental disease do not develop overnight. They develop over months or years of not following proper oral hygiene recommendations, skipping professional cleanings, and not attending to any issues that may have genetics as a fundamental cause. Even with less than ideal genetics, it is still possible to keep one’s teeth healthy for a lifetime by simply making and keeping preventative dental care visits and following the dentist’s treatment plan.

Yes, there certainly is an issue with a lack of Americans having dental insurance and even a further lack in dental insurance fully covering needed oral care. However, it is also obvious there is a value in retaining the teeth one is born with. Routine preventative care can prevent costly repair and restoration work later on. Also, most Americans without dental insurance who have not been to the dentist in years would be surprised at how low the cost is to have a dental checkup including x-rays done today. Plus, dental savings plans offer multiple routine care options for a year’s worth of dental visits for a price that is often lower than the many inadequate dental insurance plans that are available.