Why Consider Teeth Whitening Services?
Those who are simply looking to feel more confident in their smile can benefit greatly from one visit to a teeth whitening specialist, such as the dentists at Sunrise Family Dentistry in Roseville. Here, they have the most advanced and innovative teeth whitening techniques to ensure that all patients walk away happy with their new, gleaming smile.

What Are the Methods of Teeth Whitening?
There are various different methods of teeth whitening that are common these days. First of all, there is teeth bleaching, which essentially works in the way the name suggests. By using bleaching trays on the teeth, the individual teeth can actually be whitened to beyond their original brightness and color, creating a dramatic and noticeable whitening effect that lasts. The same chemicals used in bleaching can also be found in many home whitening kits and strips, although it is always recommended that one see a professional dentist to ensure that no damage is done to the teeth or gums.

Another popular method of teeth whitening that is done these days is known as light-accelerated bleaching, which uses halogen, LED, or plasma lighting to accelerate teeth whitening in a dentist’s office. This is probably the most common teeth whitening procedure these days, as it is generally the quickest procedure, which a typical session lasting only thirty minutes to an hour. In addition, the results are the longest lasting, so long as patients maintain a hygienic tooth brushing schedule after the procedure is done.

Overall, teeth whitening can be a great option for anyone who wants a brighter smile. Whether it is for a special occasion such as a wedding, or simply to gain more confidence in one’s smile, choosing teeth whitening services through Sunrise Family Dentistry is a great place to begin.