Fillings can also be used to fix cosmetic issues with teeth. Chipped teeth, enamel that has been worn unevenly and exposed or damaged roots are situations where fillings can excel.

When Do Crowns Work Better?

While crowns tend to cost significantly more both in terms of money and time, they are also much more robust than fillings. They are able to withstand the forces of chewing for a longer duration than most types of fillings.

When installed properly, dental crowns can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years at a minimum. Some crowns last for the entire lifetime of a patient.

Fillings tend to last only a maximum of five to ten years. Composite fillings will often fail in a shorter time due to their nature, which requires that you go back to your dentist to have more tooth tissue removed before having a new filling installed to replace the old one.

As far as particular situations go, crowns tend to work significantly better than fillings when there is a large amount of force involved with chewing or when the tooth itself has become weakened. Molars are an example of teeth that generally receive crowns due to the large amount of force they must withstand. Teeth with root canals are an example of teeth that are generally crowned due to their weakened nature.

What About Intermediate Solutions?

Indirect fillings, otherwise known as inlays and onlays, exist as a type of “in-between” solution to crowns and fillings. These are custom-made solution that fits on or in your teeth to help maintain the structural integrity of their structures.

These can cost as much as a filling that requires multiple surfaces ($250) to as much as multiple crowns. Their cost and applications are highly dependent upon the nature of the dental restoration you need.

The Bottom Line About Crowns and Fillings

When it comes to deciding between crowns and fillings, the one thing you should remember is that they each have their own proper places. You should talk with your dentist to ensure that the right solution for your dental restoration can be chosen.