Generally, fillings are a way to restore teeth that have suffered from common decay, fractures, or have just normally wore over time. This simple procedure prevents further damage and will save you the time and money that you would have to spend on more serious and expensive treatments later on.

Who Needs Fillings

During your normal check-ups and cleanings your dentist will be able to spot teeth that have been compromised by decay and injury. Since teeth that are affected by cavities can easily be restored using fillings, large cavities are typically the number one reason for the procedure. However, there are other instances where you could benefit from fillings:

  •  Smaller, pinhole cavities that might not be visible to the naked eye can be revealed through x-rays, dental probes, and dyes could lead to larger fillings and can be restored
  • Cracks, of fissures, in your teeth from common habits like biting your nails or grinding your teeth might have eroded your chewing surfaces
  • Teeth can naturally decay over time, and can potentially lead to bigger problems if not properly restored
  • Any general sensitivity to heat, cold or a discomforting feeling when you apply more pressure to a bite could indicate wear and tear on your teeth that should be restored
  • If your teeth have sustained any fractures from sports, falls, altercations or accidents than any exposed cracks should be immediately restored preventing further dental injury to your teeth

Types of Fillings

Depending on what type of material you choose, fillings can last you from a decade to an entire lifetime! These are the numerous materials that we could use to strengthen your teeth:

  • Composite resin fillings are usually particles of silica or ceramic that resemble a specialized epoxy.  The thing you need to know about these fillings is that they can be blended to look like the color of your tooth, making these fillings less noticeable while sparing most of your regular tooth during the process. These types of fillings are a lot less durable and may need to be replaced within ten years.
  • Porcelain fillings look the most natural, while being more durable than composite fillings. They can be bonded to metals, or are made completely out of ceramic material and are the best solution for worn teeth, but can be more costly. These dental inlays are custom fitted for the area.

Patient Experience

Fillings can be the most painless and simple dental procedures thanks to advances in technique and technology.

  •  A localized anesthetic will be applied to the area of your mouth where the filling will be done in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible
  • Once that anesthetic has started to work, we will prepare your tooth for the filling by removing any surfaces that have become decayed or damaged
  • From then, your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris or bacteria
  • The filling material will be applied and shaped and blended to give you the most natural smile possible.
  • In certain cases we will harden the adhesives or materials used in the filling process in order to increase durability


So if you’re experiencing any type of pain or annoyance call your Roseville dentist! We’ll be able to take care of it right away, and prevent any further complications that you make experience from neglect.