Veneers are thin, carefully shaped porcelain pieces designed to bond to the front surface of a patient’s teeth. They are particularly effective for people with damaged, worn, uneven teeth. The teeth are alive and in reasonable health, so the procedure isn’t to restore mouth health but is intended to create a lovely smile. These veneers can even disguise spacing problems, and, if done correctly, can provide the recipient with years of comfortable use.

Being fitted with veneers only takes a few visits. The surface of the teeth will be prepared so that the porcelain will bond correctly. The pain is minor or non-existent and easily managed by local anesthesia. In about a week, a full set of veneers can be applied.

Dental crowns also serve a cosmetic purpose, but they are used when too much of a tooth has been lost to decay or other problems to properly fill or maintain. Sometimes they are necessary after a root canal. A crown covers the entire tooth and is carefully designed so that the patient’s bite lines up correctly. The process requires several visits because molds have to be made and the piece ordered. Crowns help with the physical aspects of talking and chewing, so they aren’t only cosmetic.

A dentist who has his own ceramist can make the fitting and follow-up easier for both the patient and the dentist, but if the veneers or crowns need to be ordered, the dentist will simply be extra diligent to be sure the appliances will fit. Several adjustments may be necessary on both veneers and crowns, but they should be minor and take very little time.

The result of both appliances is a healthy, beautiful smile that should last for years. For those who have suffered from embarrassment due to an unattractive smile, veneers offer the chance to achieve the dazzling teeth they’ve dreamed of. Those who receive crowns can return their teeth to health while maintaining their appearance. Both are vital tools for your dentist.