Learn Relaxation Techniques
On the day of your appointment, there are several things that you can do to relax naturally. However, it is important to practice these techniques prior to your appointment so that you will be comfortable using them in the dental chair. Deep breathing is one type of relaxation techniques on which many patients rely. Your dentist can even help to remind you to breathe if they notice you are tensing up. Listening to music is another natural technique with which many dentists are familiar with their patients using in the office.

Explore Your Options
For those with intense dental anxiety that is not alleviated by natural techniques, many dentists offer several different options. Sedation dentistry is one option in which dental patients are put into a state of calm and relaxation using medication such as nitrous oxide or laughing gas. General anesthesia can also be used for those patients who are uncomfortable with the idea of any major dental work being done while they are awake. Additionally, dentists use a variety of pain-relief techniques that will ensure your comfort. Knowing that no dental procedure should ever cause you pain can help you to feel better about your upcoming visit to the dentist.

Talk to Your Dentist
Many patients are unnecessarily embarrassed about their fear of going to the dentist and may attempt to hide their worries or put off an appointment. However, just talking to your dentist can make a world of difference. Dentists frequently encounter people who are afraid of their dental appointment and will make every accommodation possible to ensure your comfort. By talking to your dentist, you can make plans for pain relief, sedation or other techniques that will establish a safe and comfortable environment for your visit. Finally, remember that putting off a dental visit can only make the problem worse. Instead, speak with the dental staff when you make your appointment and let them help you handle your concerns.