Both will give you a whiter and fresher smile.

The in-office whitening procedure is simple and quick. After a brief exam, the dentist will cover your lips and gums and then paint the whitening product onto your teeth. This cosmetic product is safe and approved. A special light will be focused on your teeth to speed up the whitening effect. Your dentist will then repeat the process two more times and you’re done. Your Sunrise Family Dentistry staff will do all they can to provide you with a comfortable and positive experience.

If you opt for the at-home teeth whitening treatment, your Roseville dentist will first make an impression of your teeth to use for designing custom plastic trays which will be ready to take home on your second visit a few days later. The dentist will adjust the trays if necessary and explain to you how they work. The treatment involves putting a special solution into the trays and wearing them either overnight or twice a day for 30 minutes. The whole procedure generally takes two weeks. If you experience any tooth sensitivity that doesn’t go away after the treatment, contact your dentist. There are products that can alleviate the discomfort.

Teeth whitening will need to be repeated every four months to a year to maintain your whiter smile. Your Roseville dentist will share with you what foods and beverages stain your teeth and depending on your life style and food choices, how often you will need to have another teeth whitening procedure.

It’s important to see your dentist for a checkup before considering teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures as some tooth problems may need to be taken care of first. Sunrise Family Dentistry, serving Roseville and surrounding areas, recommends being checked for gum problems, tooth decay, sensitive teeth, discoloration, and other possible dental issues before undergoing teeth whitening, whether in the office or at home. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, you can benefit from cosmetic teeth whitening.


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