When a Cavity Doesn’t Need to Be Filled 

It’s possible to have a cavity or a crack that does not need to be filled. These types of cavities exist within the enamel only and have not penetrated to the deeper layers of the tooth. This type of decay can be reversed with the use of fluoride.

Cavities that are not reversible have penetrated the enamel and reached the dentin. This is the type of decay that gets worse and enters the pulp where the nerves and blood vessels reside. When you have this type of decay, the treatment is much more expensive, so it is worth it to allow your dentist to fill your cavity now even though it doesn’t hurt.

The Consequences of Not Having Tooth Decay Treated

You do not want to wait until you feel pain. After your dentist determines that root canal therapy is necessary, he or she will remove the diseased pulp including the blood vessels. As a result, the tooth will not have a blood supply, and this will significantly weaken it. The next step will be to have the tooth covered with a crown. In the end, this will mean that you will have to experience much more pain than you are currently, and it will cost a lot more money to fix. So, don’t let this happen to you.