How, then, would you know that your third molar already requires extraction? What are the factors that would necessitate such extraction? In the same way, why do others believe that removing the wisdom teeth early on is the best option? Here is a list of the reasons to remove your wisdom tooth.

1. You need to remove your wisdom teeth when it causes crowding of the other teeth. Since it is difficult to thoroughly clean the gums surrounding it, inflammation and infection become very common even though there aren’t any noticeable symptoms. Studies have demonstrated that once inflammation comes up, it becomes extremely hard to eradicate and may pass on to other teeth.

2. You need to extract your wisdom teeth when they have already caused inflammation and gum disease. These conditions may eventually result in jawbone deterioration, gum tissue shrinkage, and tooth loss.

3. When it is already ascertained that a third molar will not properly emerge into the mouth and be kept healthy, you would have to remove it in order to promote quicker and easier healing.

4. According to a research, oral inflammation caused by the eruption of a wisdom tooth may bring about preterm labor or low birth weight babies.

5. The supposedly asymptomatic wisdom tooth may become a propagation spot for bacteria that causes oral infection.  Studies support the notion that this kind of inflammation may get into the bloodstream and give rise to the development of many different illnesses, which include stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

­6. In some instances, afflicted third molars develop associated tumors or cysts. In such case, the procedure to eliminate the lesions would be too extensive and expensive as it involves the restoration of the jaw appearance and function.

7. As people grow old, the risk for problems associated with the extraction of wisdom teeth increases.

If you have problems with your wisdom tooth (or teeth), your dentist will determine whether to have it removed or to do any other treatment that is appropriate for your condition.