Inflammation of the gums, caused by the accumulation of dental plaque, can not only make men fizzle out in the bedroom. Previous studies have proven that poor oral health is directly linked to cardiovascular disease as well. And once the periodontal disease has reached an advanced stage, a man may also experience chronic bad breath, painful swollen and bleeding gums, along with the loss of one or more teeth.

Men as a group tend to be less proactive when it comes to getting regular dental check-ups than women. So if it’s been more than a year since you’ve paid a visit to Sunrise Family Dentistry, why not do yourself and your partner a favor by scheduling an appointment. If you are already showing signs of gum disease that can lead to a decrease in your sexual satisfaction, we can begin treatment. And if your gums and your potency are healthy, taking good care of your teeth is one of the smartest ways to avoid the problems of erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease in the years ahead. Let Sunrise Family Dentistry help keep a smile on your face and a spring in your step.