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How Sunrise Family Dentistry Can Fix a Fractured Tooth

Every one of us only have one set of teeth, but with the marvels of modern dentistry, anything that is broken can quickly and painlessly be mended. A skilful dentist can even make that smile look even better than it initially did. There are many causes of a chipped tooth: Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Inadvertent, chronic teeth grinding and clenching usually occurring at night time during sleep. Teeth grinders are frequently unconscious that they have developed this pattern. Symptoms often include chipped or fractured teeth, jaw pain, overly tender teeth, stressed facial and jaw muscles, headaches, damage to the inner cheek tissue, extensive wear and tear to the dental tooth enamel, exposing the inner portion of the tooth, and clicking of the temporomandibular joint.

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Replacing a Lost Tooth

The reasons for replacing a lost tooth are multiple and have already been discussed in previous editorials.  The one thing that almost all dentists will agree upon is that except in very rare and specific circumstances, a missing tooth should be replaced.  There are multiple ways to replace a missing tooth.  Each with its own set of risks, benefits, expected longevity, and costs. Choices for replacing a missing tooth can be broken down into two major categories; removable and fixed.   As the term implies, removable appliances can be taken out of one’s mouth, cleaned and reinserted by the patient.  Fixed appliances are not intended to be removed and are generally cemented or bonded in place.

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