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Three Common Teeth Grinding Causes

Three Common Teeth Grinding Causes Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinders Why is it important to know about the causes of teeth grinding? This is an all encompassing matter and a lot of people have it without even recognizing it. As you age, you often times have additional dental issues, and teeth grinding can be an instigator of this. Once you notice you are doing this, it's effortless to come across an approach for stopping it. To make this simpler, we will now go over some typical teeth grinding instigators.  Stress and anxiety are one the most common causes for teeth grinding. Everybody deals with stress differently but when you are tense emotionally, your body is usually tense as well and lots of times this tension is "stored" in the jaw. Lots of times, people aren't even aware that they are grinding their teeth. Sadly, stress can cause teeth grinding while people sleep and that is a much harder habit to stop.

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How Sunrise Family Dentistry Can Fix a Fractured Tooth

Repair a Fractured Tooth Sunrise Family Dentistry repairs Fractured teeth Every one of us only have one set of teeth, but with the marvels of modern dentistry, anything that is broken can quickly and painlessly be mended. A skillful dentist can even make that smile look even better than it initially did. There are many causes of a chipped tooth: Teeth Grinding (Bruxism): Inadvertent, chronic teeth grinding and clenching usually occurring at night time during sleep. Teeth grinders are frequently unconscious that they have developed this pattern. Symptoms often include chipped or fractured teeth, jaw pain, overly tender teeth, stressed facial and jaw muscles, headaches, damage to the inner cheek

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