Green Tea is the Best Choice

Although any tea will have natural anti-oxidants, green tea appears to be the best choice if you want to preserve your dental health. It won’t discolor your teeth and the study showed that it also helped men with gum disease to reduce bleeding and gum recession with a minimum of only one cup of green tea per day. Green tea can come in a variety of flavors and gives a nice energy boost when you first wake up.

Make Sure it’s Unsweetened

If you can’t stomach green tea, the next best choice is black tea. Black tea can come in more flavors than green tea and many find it more palatable. Herbal teas were not included in the study results. Despite your choice of beverage, one thing is certain: If you sweeten your drink, you increase the chances of irritating your gums and damaging your tooth enamel. Sugar is acidic in nature and will attack your teeth and gums, even when it’s put in a cup of green tea. To get the most health benefits from your morning cup of tea, focus on increasing the tea content and reducing the sugars. If you can drink your tea without any sweeteners whatsoever, you’ll be doing the best you can to protect your teeth and gums from future damage.


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