Hazards of Fluoridated Water

The National Academy of Sciences–NAS–hired medical researchers to study the link between chronic disease and fluoride exposure and the following facts were revealed:

• Low IQ: The National Institutes of Health sponsored a Harvard Medical School study in 2012 that clearly indicated fluoride consumption results in lower IQ scores among school-age children.

• Endocrine Disruptor: John Doull, M.D., a famous toxicologist and former chairman of the NAS, published an exhaustive report about fluoride toxicity. The paper stated that fluoride is an “endocrine disruptor,” that negatively affects the human metabolic balance.

• Cancer: Harvard University studies established a clear connection between fluoride consumption and bone cancer.

• Degenerative Brain Disease: In 2006, “The Lancet” published a study that definitively proved fluoride is a neurotoxic substance that leads to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and idiopathic dementia. Studies published by the National Institutes of Health also uncovered a strong link between Alzheimer’s disease and the consumption of fluoride: fluoride negatively affects lipid and aluminum levels, the former of which are essential to a healthy brain. This causes the brain to become too “dry,” thus encouraging the growth of the beta-amyloid plaques responsible for Alzheimer’s disease.

• Kidney Disease: Research conducted by the Fluoride Action Network, with contributions from renowned toxicologist, Doctor Helmut Schiffli, showed concrete evidence of kidney failure if fluoride is accumulates in a person’s renal system.

• Thyroid Disorder: The National Renal Care Organization has concluded that the endocrine system and proper thyroid function are negatively affected when fluoridated water is consumed.

• Hormone Imbalances: The International Society for Fluoride Research has proven that there is a link between infertility and high fluoride levels.

In 2013, a 30 page, National Institute of Health-sponsored Harvard University meta-analysis showed that minors living in cities who regularly consume highly fluoridated water had significantly lower IQ scores than those who consumed only low levels of fluoride. The report is available from the Environmental Health Perspectives Organization’s website.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledge that adding fluoride to anything other than toothpaste is potentially hazardous. Anyone with concerns about fluoride dangers should speak to a medical professional about using fluoride free toothpaste and other effective ways to eliminate or decrease exposure.