Not all home whitening products can address the problem of deep staining of the teeth. If you are after such a system, then try laser tooth whitening. You can get your teeth ten shades whiter with just one visit to your dentist! All you need is a single session that will go for about an hour to get it all done.  If you want your teeth to be whiter through professional systems, go to Sunrise Family Dentistry. If you need the most advanced technology in teeth whitening, as well as extensive whitening experience, you will need these dentists.

When you arrive for your treatment, your dentist will probably begin with a thorough cleaning to remove plaque deposits, especially along the gum line. Your teeth will then be coated with a hydrogen peroxide gel.

Laser light is then directed onto the gel-coated teeth, which makes the gel work more efficiently and effectively in penetrating the tooth surface. In most cases, the entire process will take about one hour to complete. After this, you may not even need to see your dentist again for more whitening appointments. You can get the best teeth whitening experience by visiting this website.

Severe staining can take more than one session to be removed, so dentist teeth whitening is not limited to a single session of the whitening system. You may also be given the options of getting a touch up kit, which your dentist, usually a laser dentistry practitioner, can provide. Such a kit, once provided by your doctor, can allow you to touch up your teeth when you stain them again after your initial whitening session.

Some dental offices may also have the option of lifetime treatment, i.e., you can always stop by for touch ups at your dentist if you think that it is necessary. This ensures that you can have the whitest smile, with little cost and time involved on your part.  Since it was born as a method of whitening, teeth whitening has evolved. Today’s whitening technology works quickly and drastically, leaving quite a good number of satisfied patients in its wake.

Financing options can also make these expensive dental procedures easier on your wallet, so ask your office if they offer these options. Get in touch with a specialist in whitening systems for more details if you want to get a whiter smile, better teeth, and the beautiful glow that goes along with them.


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