A gap between teeth may also result to the rotation of the remaining teeth or give room for gum infections, it is therefore very important to have dental bridges. The bridge is made up of abutment teeth and a false tooth. The abutment teeth comprise two anchoring teeth or implants that have a gap in between them. False teeth, also known as pontics, are made or gold, porcelain, or a combination of materials. The pontics are attached to the crowns of the abutments for firm anchorage. Sunrise Family Dentistry helps its clients to decide on the most cost friendly materials to use as pontics. Gold and alloys are good for aesthetic appeal. Ceramic and porcelain on the other hand match well with the natural teeth.

On the first visit to the dentist, the abutment is prepared. Then models from which the crowns, bridges and pontics are to be made are created. The temporary bridge is removed on the second visit and replaced with a permanent one. Sunrise Family Dentistry recommends regular visits after this to ensure the success of the procedure.

There are two main types of dental bridges: All porcelain bridge and porcelain supported by a metal structure (PMF) bridge. These non removable replacements can be made out of many materials but aesthetics is guaranteed with the use of porcelain. The PMF bridge is recommended for patients who use a lot of grinding force when eating. Sunrise Family Dentistry assists its patients in determining the type of bridge that suits them best.

Bridges are capable of chipping off with time, however with proper advice on good oral care from the Sunrise Family Dentistry, they can last a lifetime. Sunrise Family Dentists care for their clients’ teeth as well as the general happiness in their lives. These Roseville dentists transform people’s personal lives from dull to glam, By simply fixing a tooth appropriately.