Establish a routine.

Get kids on a schedule to brush and floss at specific times, for example, when they get up each day or before bedtime, as well as after meals. Making dental hygiene part of the daily regimen will make it easier for kids to remember and keep up with.

Do it as a family.

Young children love mimicking older family members. Spend time brushing teeth together to show kids how to do it properly. Shared dental hygiene time will make it more meaningful, especially when kids know they are being monitored.

Reward good checkups.

Consider giving your kids a treat when they get a good six-month dental checkup from the dentist. If they don’t have any cavities, you could take them skating or get tickets for a fun local event. When children realize that good dental hygiene can yield rewards, they will do it more enthusiastically.

Parents don’t have to spend lots of time or money to teach children how to take good care of their teeth. All you need is a bit of creativity and a love of fun to make brushing and flossing an important part of family life for everyone.