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Watch What You Eat After Teeth-Whitening


Following your dentist’s after care instructions is crucial to seeing maximum results. If you’re whitening on your own at home, there’s an easy rule of thumb to remember: if it will stain your clothes, it will stain your teeth. Who’d want that after going through the process of whitening? There are a plethora of foods that are best to be avoided right after undergoing a teeth whitening and for up to several days after. These include red and/or dark sauces, beets, soy sauce, dark berries, cola, and overly-acidic foods (like those that are pickled), which can wear down the already sensitive enamel. Freshly whitened teeth are also not immune to certain beverages, such as coffee, dark teas, cola drinks, and red wine, which are known to stain.

The first few days after receiving a teeth whitening treatment are definitely the most crucial to seeing positive changes, regardless of whether you sought professional treatment or used over-the-counter products. Teeth are actually more likely to stain after undergoing a whitening treatment, so special care should be made to make the right choices as far as food and beverage are concerned, in addition to paying extra attention to brushing and flossing. When in doubt, approach your post-treatment teeth as you would a freshly laundered and pressed white shirt: it’d be a real shame to taint that crisp brightness that is so sought after.