Many dentists also recommend flouride treatments for adults, because believe it or not, adults get cavities too. If you drink bottled water exclusively, you may need flouride treatment. Extra flouride protection is warranted in conjunction with medications that cause dry mouth because reduction of saliva increases the risk of cavities. Radiation patients also experience loss of saliva. The process of aging often results in gum recession, exposing part of the root of the tooth and increasing the risk of decay. Even people with braces are exposed to a higher risk of tooth decay from the braces trapping in bacteria.

You can even buy certain flouride gels over the counter for home use. You need only apply a little in the mouth, let it sit for awhile and rinse. The usual flouride treatment at the dentist’s office involves the dentist filling a mouthguard with flavored flouride and putting it in your mouth for a few short minutes. The guard is then removed and your rinse your mouth.

Studies have conclusively shown that when used correctly, flouride treatments significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay in both children and adults. Each patient is different so if you’re worried about not getting enough flouride, just talk with your dentist and he or she will be happy to let you know if flouride supplements are recommended.