Archive: October 25, 2011

Dental Implants: A Second Chance in Tooth Replacement

Dental Implant A Second Chance in Tooth Replacement Dental implants are one of the greatest advances in modern dentistry. Combining science and technology, implants replace single teeth or multiple teeth and mimic Mother Nature in both function and esthetics. Teeth can be lost for a number of reasons. Dental decay, periodontal disease, and trauma are but a few reasons why we lose teeth. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not intend for us to incise and chew our food with missing teeth!  Losing a tooth is like knocking over the first domino. Although our friends may not know we are missing a few posterior teeth, missing teeth place the burden of chewing on remaining teeth.  This burden, coupled with large

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Change Your Life with Cosmetic Dentistry

Roseville Cosmetic Dentist Cosmetic Dentistry It is well known that an attractive smile can bring you a lot of benefits and surveys have proved it also. You are more likely to be accepted for an important job if you have a straight and shiny smile than if you have yellow and untidy teeth. Yellow teeth may also cause your employer to believe that you are an inveterate smoker, becoming another disadvantage in your way to success. This is the reason for the fact that, nowadays, more and more people see cosmetic dentistry as the solution to most of their problems. From teeth whitening to different types of tooth veneers, the dentist holds the key to your smile. However, although people are aware of the fact that fixing their teeth can help their life, the fear with which people think of a dentist still exists. This is why many doctors have decided to change their clients’ perception of a dental checkup. They have started to offer free consultations, which is quite a good method to attract clients and convince them that going to the dentist isn’t that bad. Dental Day Spas have also started to spread. These Spas offer to patients different fun ways to relax before or even while the dentist takes care of their teeth and are equipped with the latest technologies. One example would be the procedure “zoom whitening” - the fastest type of teeth whitening that exists till now. 

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Three Common Teeth Grinding Causes

Three Common Teeth Grinding Causes Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinders Why is it important to know about the causes of teeth grinding? This is an all encompassing matter and a lot of people have it without even recognizing it. As you age, you often times have additional dental issues, and teeth grinding can be an instigator of this. Once you notice you are doing this, it's effortless to come across an approach for stopping it. To make this simpler, we will now go over some typical teeth grinding instigators.  Stress and anxiety are one the most common causes for teeth grinding. Everybody deals with stress differently but when you are tense emotionally, your body is usually tense as well and lots of times this tension is "stored" in the jaw. Lots of times, people aren't even aware that they are grinding their teeth. Sadly, stress can cause teeth grinding while people sleep and that is a much harder habit to stop.

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