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Great deal on dental implants!

Quality implant with crown and abutment for $2499


Teledentistry is available!

With teledentistry, you receive dental care without visiting an office.

Teledentistry is the use of communication technology, including audio and video interaction, to remotely provide dental care services such as consultation, diagnosis, and patient education.

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How We’re Different

Dentistry isn’t about teeth; it’s about people! That’s why we’re open 7 days a week.

We’re focused on your oral health, but we’re even more focused on you.

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Your First Visit

Emergency Services

Oh, no! Do you have a dental emergency like a tooth ache, cracked tooth, jaw pain, or a filling that fell out? Please don’t hesitate to call. We’ll try to help however we can. Often, same-day appointments are possible. Our goal is to resolve your problem and help you get out of pain as soon as possible. Call us: (916) 520-1717


Dental in Roseville CA

Good dental health is the key to a healthy life. Today it is difficult to find a good clinic where you can get the full range of services and take care of your teeth. We present to you the services of the Dental Clinic in Roseville, which can help you to make your life easier!

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