Archive: September 22, 2014

How Laser Technology Helps Dental Problems

how-laser-technology-help-dental-problems We’ve seen too much laser destruction in movies that we end up with fear after even the slightest mention a laser going somewhere near our mouths. However, we usually forget that laser technology is actually highly effective in treating dental problems, that most dentists have been using laser technology as early as 1994. How Do Lasers Work? Lasers, an acronym of “light amplification by the stimulation emission of radiation” delivers energy and heat through light. Infrared light is easily absorbed by water. Since gum tissue primarily consists of water, thus it is highly effective in the uses of dentistry. When used for surgical purposes, the laser acts as a tissue vaporizer or cutting instrument. When used for “curing” purposes, it provides heat to strengthen bonds between the teeth and the filling.

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Why Sports Drink Put Your Teeth at Risk

why-sports-drinks-put-your-teeth-at-risk Advertisements for sports drink make it seem that you really need it to power yourself up during and after your workout sessions, but what they’re not telling you is that sports drinks may cause your teeth to degenerate and weaken over time. Disadvantages of Sports Drinks Sports drinks may be filled with energy-boosting carbohydrates and electrolytes, but what commercials neglect to tell you is that the they contain the high amounts of sugar. The complex blend found in sports drinks are actually a medley of teeth-destroying ingredients, due to acidity and high sugar levels.

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