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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

why-do-we-have-wisdom-teeth-dentist-in-roseville After age 17, wisdom teeth first make their presence known. They generally erupt through the gum far back in the mouth. Sometimes referred to as the “third set of molars,” wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear. Although certain individuals never develop wisdom teeth, most people eventually discover they have one to four of these molars. In rare cases, a person may develop more than four wisdom teeth. Scientists cannot yet explain why the number varies from one person to the next, but studies show that approximately 85 percent of all wisdom teeth must at some point be removed. This is because in many cases, such teeth do not erupt properly, making the person vulnerable to infection, periodontal disease and other issues that interfere with a healthy mouth. Why People Have Wisdom Teeth There are many theories concerning why wisdom teeth form and their overall purpose. Some researchers are of the opinion that because of the type of food eaten by our ancestors, extra molars were necessary that are unneeded in today's modern world.

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The Benefits Of Oral Health Consultation

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Tricks for Teaching Your Kids Better Dental Habits

tricks-for-teach-your-kids-dental-brushing-habbits-roseville-ca-dentist While toddlers often love brushing their teeth to be like older siblings or parents, school-age kids may need encouragement to develop healthy dental habits. Fortunately, there are several things parents can do to teach children about effective dental hygiene. Use fun dental products. Dentists often hand out free fun toothbrushes and dental supplies for kids. You can also buy themed toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss. Let your children choose favorite characters and colors to support their interest in dental hygiene products, and they're likely to spend more time using them consistently.

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