Teeth Reshaping

For some achieving the perfect smile is not simply about attaining a whiter smile. Gum and Teeth Reshaping are both relatively non-evasive Cosmetic Dentistry procedures which are rising in popularity – Primarily because they are quick, painless and able to produce excellent results: Particularly when utilized alongside other Cosmetic Treatments such as Teeth Whitening, Crowns and/or Dental Veneers.

Teeth Reshaping (Teeth Contouring) can remodel chipped and/or crooked teeth, changing their size and shape: Making a smile look straighter and more even. For some, Tooth Contouring can offer an alternative treatment option to Orthodontics.

You Have Options

There are many options available within the realms of Cosmetic Dentistry. The most suitable for you would need to be discussed with your Cosmetic Dentist. Those with a ‘gummy smile’ may be suitable candidates for Gum Reshaping: For those with a receding gum-line a Cosmetic Dentist may recommend combining Veneers and/or Crowns with this procedure – In some instances tissue grafts might be required.

With a Diode Laser the procedure is evasive – The patient’s mouth is anaesthetized and the laser cauterizes the gum-line as it reshapes. This reduces the chance of infection as well as reduces bleeding: Therefore a popular option.

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If you are considering any of these Cosmetic Dentistry treatments it is vital to ensure the Cosmetic Dentist you choose is experienced within this area. Not all Cosmetic Dentists are equal. While this may not be major surgery there is a certain degree of artistry involved (as is the case with much Cosmetic Dentistry) and in this way it is a notable undertaking.

The principal Cosmetic Dentist at Sunrise Family Dentistry, Dr. Elmira Abraamyan is among California’s leading Cosmetic Dentists. Gum and Tooth Reshaping can be completed in just one appointment.


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