Where to Go For Second Opinion

All dentists have a different educational background and approach to dentistry. It is wise to become educated about dental procedures from multiple sources as it will allow you to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your dental care. In order to properly evaluate and assess the need for any extensive dental therapy, several venues can be explored to obtain more information.

• Your primary dentist – If the treatment plan calls for numerous procedures, you may consider asking your primary dentist for a referral to a specialist or a colleague to confirm the diagnosis.

• Your friends and family – If you don’t feel comfortable asking your dentist, seek the advice from the people closest to you who may have had the need for second opinions in the past.

• Local dental schools – The schools in the area may have a residential program for the new graduates of dentistry. These programs are headed by well-trained and experienced dentists who are familiar with all dental procedures and may be able to provide you with guidance in regards to your treatment.

• Local dental society – These entities serve as a great source of referrals for second opinion consultations with other general dentists or specialists.

Making any major decisions about your dental health should be based on information provided by professionals in the field. Your family dentist has the advantage of being familiar with the status of your oral health; whereas, another dentist will view your concerns from a new perspective and offer you their unbiased opinion. If the second opinion is significantly different from the first one, the patient should seek the advice of another dental provider before proceeding with any type of oral care.