There are as many different types of crowns as there are reasons for a dentist to prescribe one for you. The metal crowns can include gold alloys or palladium, other metal-based alloys like nickel or chromium. With metal based crowns less of the tooth needs to be removed. The porcelain infused to metal crowns allow for better color matching with nearby teeth. This is a more cosmetic crown that is better suited to the front teeth. All resin crowns are less expensive but they also wear down more easily than the other types of crowns. Finally, there are all ceramic or all porcelain crowns that not only provide better color matching to other teeth, but they help with patients who have metal allergies.

Dentists in the office can make temporary crowns in the office, but the permanent ones are made in a Dental Lab. If you need a temporary crown you should take special care of the crown by avoiding hard or sticky food, chewing on the opposite side (away from the temporary crown), and you should ask how to floss around the temporary crown.

Possible issues that can occur with dental crowns:

Most of the issues are easy to repair as long as you let the dentist know as soon as possible. If you experience tooth pain to hot or cold sensation you may need to use a tooth paste for sensitive teeth. If the crown feels lose, contact the dentist immediately. A loose crown may allow bacteria to collect underneath the dental crown, thus cause the tooth to become damaged with decay. Or if a porcelain crown has a tiny chip, it can be fixed with resin easily by the dentist. However if the chip is larger, the crown needs to be replaced.

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