The risks involved with the procedure are minimal, with the possibility for infection being the primary cause for concern. For this reason, patients may have antibiotic fibers or gels inserted during the planing and scaling session, which will usually be removed about one week after the first visit. For patients who run a higher risk of infection, antibiotics after the procedure may be prescribed.

Immediately after the procedure the gums may be more sensitive than usual, and certain precautions will be advised until normal sensitivity levels are regained. For this reason, some patients may have small areas of the gum line treated over several visits to ensure minimal inconvenience and shorter recovery times. Patients may also be advised to take over-the-counter pain relief medication immediately after their visits, and to brush and floss more gently until any discomfort or pain subsides.

Root planing and scaling is highly effective, and most patients can expect to see the return of healthy pink gums after treatments have been completed. The procedure is an excellent option for patients struggling with gum pain, bleeding, and other signs of disease seeking a minimally invasive treatment option.