Other Health Problems

A variety of health issues can develop in the mouth and cause a denture to not match the mouth. Health problems can also cause sore spots in the mouth that make it uncomfortable to wear the dentures as the denture may press against a sore place in the mouth. Calluses can even develop under a denture that moves slightly. As the callus becomes larger, it can cause the denture to fit more poorly and become uncomfortable.

Denture Damage

Over time, dentures can wear or break. A worn denture can become too flexible causing it to move inside the mouth. A broken denture will likewise cause the denture to fit poorly. A denture that is not properly cared for can develop deposits on the surface of the denture that can cause the denture to not lay flat against the mouth.


Regardless of the cause of an ill-fitting denture, the solution to the problem is to visit a dentist to have a dental checkup and to have the denture inspected. The dentist can determine the cause of the problem and the proper course of action to make a correction. In most cases, a simple relining of the denture can be performed to make the denture fit the natural changes in the mouth. In the event of more serious changes, a new denture may be needed to correct the problem. If a health problem is causing the denture to fit improperly, the dentist can address this problem as well.

If you or someone you know has a denture that no longer fits well, contact us at Sunrise Family Dentistry to see how we can help.