Periodontal disease is very serious. The condition leads to bone loss, resulting in tooth loss because the teeth lose their base in which to anchor. Infection and oral abscesses are also common as a result of the raging level of bacteria. The bacteria enter the bloodstream as well, traveling throughout the body to attack such organs as the heart and kidneys, dramatically compromising your overall health.

Seeing your dentist or hygienist every six months will reset the clean slate. Teeth will be cleaned with ultrasonic scaling that extends just beyond the gum line, removing the plaque and tartar buildup. Cosmetic advantages will also result as most staining from caffeine or tobacco use will be removed and teeth will be polished for a renewed shine and luster.

During the course of a dental cleaning, a full oral examination will take place. Such abnormalities as cavities, gum disease and oral tumors will be detected in the early stages when prompt treatment will be most effective. Once these conditions have progressed to advanced stages, such procedures as gum surgery, root canals or tooth extractions may be the only options. Most dental insurance plans cover dental cleanings twice a year in order to prevent these more costly scenarios.

Because every patient is a unique individual, seeing your dentist or hygienist every six months will help him or her to guide you toward an oral health care regimen that will be tailored to your mouth’s needs.

While a complete preventative oral health program begins at home, the benefits of a dental cleaning every six months extend far beyond a pretty smile today. A clean mouth means healthier gums and improved overall health for many years ahead.